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Thank you for visiting the website of Dr. Charles J. Burliss, periodontist and dental implant specialist in Salem, NH. Our practice strives to provide comfortable, pleasant environment in which to treat your periodontal disease. Our goal is to promote knowledge and understanding of your dental care and health. We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns to help provide you with solutions to your better health. On our web site you will find a basic overview of periodontal disease and treatment as well as treatment options such as crown lengtheningsoft tissue grafts and bone grafting. Please use our web site to learn more about the health of your gums and teeth and feel free to call or use our online contact form to contact our office if you have any question concerning your care, or about periodontal treatment generally.

Part of Dr. Burliss’ efforts to offer the very best care possible is to include state-of-the-art procedures like the LANAP procedure. LANAP is the first and only FDA cleared laser procedure for the treatment of periodontal disease. LANAP does not require the use of a scalpel or sutures and most patients are able to return to work the same day! Click here to learn more about LANAP.
Dr. Charles Burliss strives to offer many advanced procedures because your convenience and care is our top priority. Dr. Burliss is highly trained to perform many periodontal procedures including dental implant placementgingival grafting and traditional osseous surgery. Dr. Burliss has a 97% success rate with dental implant placement and can complete all aspects of the procedure in office. Click here to learn more about dental implants.

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The LANAP Laser can treat your gum disease without a scalpel or sutures! LANAP is the gentle gum disease alternative! LANAP is the first and only FDA cleared laser procedure for the treatment of gum disease. Treat your gum disease and save your teeth!
Don't be embarrassed by ill-fitting dentures anymore! All-on-4 implant supported dentures can restore the beauty and function of your smile! All-on-4 Implants ensure that your dentures do not move or slip in the mouth. And, because All-on-4 implants do not typically require bone grafting, they are an ideal solution for patients with areas of low bone density or volume.
Dr. Burliss can help keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We offer The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a minimally invasive option for treating gum recession. Our office knows that the area around your teeth is just as important as the teeth; healthy gums are vital to the support of your teeth. Pinhole® Surgical Technique can help preserve the health and beauty of your smile!

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